It’s official – Hannah & Sue are our top duo this Mother’s Day!

17th March 2023

We’re counting down the days until the championship here, busy preparing for an unforgettable event at the Principality. Another (hopefully!) unforgettable calendar date this weekend is Mother’s Day – so it was only right that we caught up with our mother and daughter duo of officials, Hannah and Sue Aldridge!

How did you both get into officiating? Who was first?

Hannah: Mum got into officiating first in 2009 – she was introduced to the sport through a fellow official. She went away with the sport a lot table officiating and always came home full of enthusiasm and talking about the games! Later on, in 2014 I then went along to a league weekend with her, to try out table officiating. A year later I picked up a whistle and started to referee. Since then, we have both travelled to different countries both together and independently, and officiated at both local and national levels.

What are you looking forward to most at the championship?

Hannah: I’m really looking forward to officiating my first sanctioned international tournament!

Sue: I can’t wait to officiate at a European Championship, and actually see the European teams play at an event back here in Wales.

What do you love most about the sport?

Hannah: For me, it’s all about the speed and the hits that happen right in front of you.

Sue: I enjoy the family and team atmosphere that wheelchair rugby brings.

Most importantly – how will you be celebrating Mother’s Day?

Hannah: We will be taking my dogs for a walk in the woods with a hot drink, and no doubt heading for lunch together afterwards.

Tickets for the European Championship are now on sale at Ticketmaster! More information here.