Our officials are officially announced!

24th January 2023

More exciting news this week, with the announcement of our team of 24 officials who will be working at May’s event. The international team will be flying in from 12 countries around the world, from Belgium and Germany to the US and Argentina.

Our group of highly experienced officials already know a thing or two about wheelchair rugby in Wales, with many also officiating at the Quad Nations back in September – where the event was held on Welsh soil for the very first time!

Ahead of the event, Head Official David Woods said: “We’re delighted to have such a fantastic and experienced team of officials for the European Championship this May.

“Many of the team officiated at the Quad Nations back in September, so they’ve had a taste of wheelchair rugby in Wales already – we’re raring to go now and excited to see the sport on such an amazing stage as the Principality Stadium.”

Referee Mateus Campana added: “I’m looking forward to an excellent championship – I think this year’s event will be a milestone for wheelchair rugby worldwide after two very unusual years.

“I’m excited personally to reconnect with the great friends that wheelchair rugby has given me – I worked with Head Table Official Simon Starr during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, where I acted as one of the National Technical Officials. It will be a pleasure for me to return to the UK after ten years and get to know the beautiful city of Cardiff. I think the event is set to be truly epic!”

Here is the full list of officials:

Role Forename Surname
Technical Delegate Stanley Battock
Head Official David Woods
Evaluator Kerin Banfield
Evaluator Ulrica Ulfson
Games Commissioner Benjamin Weiß
Games Commissioner Hannah Aldridge
Referee Kristin Hempfling
Referee Katharina Adler-Dohlhofer
Referee Yun-Ho Kim
Referee Elwira Zielska
Referee Paulina Szmit
Referee Diego Ceballos
Referee Alicja Pawlik
Referee Mateus Campana
Chief Classifier Izabela Sauerbier
Classifier 1 Julie Bakke
Classifier 2 Douglas Mazur
Classifier 3 Ruth Mort
Classifier 4 Andrea Chase
Classifier 5 Zenta Frerks
Classifier 6 Bartosz Zielski
Head Table Official Simon Starr
Table Official Heather Williams
Table Official Sue Aldridge
Table Official Jana Slavickova
Table Official Karolina Motejlkova
Table Official Dale Thompson
Table Official Rebecca Lord
Table Official Catriona Brown
Table Official Gary Spratt


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